DSPDigging into corporate needs

Quality resources

High-quality mobile Internet advertising resources to help advertisers carry out accurate advertising

One-stop solution

One-stop solution to acquire online and offline target customers more efficiently

Big data analysis

Continuous and in-depth optimization of delivery effects through leading big data technology

Continuous optimization

Taking advertising conversion as the optimization goal, continuously improve advertising ROI.

SSPMedia Service Platform


Founded in 2014,Adamobi is the most professional mobile DSP and independent advertising technology supplier in China. The core team of Adamobi comes from companies such as Shanda and Baidu, and has long been engaged in computational advertising, distributed computing architecture, and advertising optimization.

We believes in the great value of mobile Internet advertising, and hopes that through excellent products and perfect services, advertising technology will be implemented to give full play to the value of mobile Internet traffic and data, use technology to drive marketing, and help advertisers and media to achieve maximum Interests.

From DSP optimization for advertisers to SSP advertising technology services for media, Adamobi has accumulated profound technology accumulation and application experience, and completed a variety of proprietary intellectual property products, software copyrights, and patents. And continue to work hard to achieve brand globalization

Using massive data, we constantly practice various algorithms and concepts in the field of computational advertising, and constantly try to combine technology with scenarios to maximize the value of technology.

Start AI processing, machine learning, extract labels from massive user behavior data to form multi-dimensional cognition, track user visit behavior, continuously optimize conversion rate, and increase product viscosity

Text intelligent processing technology services, self-built text mining engine, recommended search engine, improve advertising efficiency and revenue, and find models and methods suitable for different fields.

Use dozens of deep learning algorithms such as Wide&Deep, DeepFM, DIEN, DNN, etc., to optimize the algorithms according to the characteristics of different industries, and more effectively improve key business indicators such as conversion rate, click rate, and retention rate.

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